About the Artist

Sensitive to the struggle of threatened wildlife, and the relative impact of man upon the natural environment, Florida Panhandle artist Roy Calvin Eure creates paintings that exhibit his love of coastal environments and that feature abstracted watery scenes, sea-life, and the waterbirds found along the beaches and rare salt dune lakes of the Gulf of Mexico. “Painterly” in style, his objective paintings lean toward classical Impressionism with bold color, discernable brushstrokes, and clearly defined subject matter.

“Art is meant to be provocative but that does not have to mean subjectively controversial or unpleasant. In terms of what I would like my artwork to communicate, I want my art to be pleasant, of positivity, and to highlight our shared connection to our magnificent natural world. Facing one of my paintings, depending upon the piece, I want the viewer to pause and reflect upon our beautiful and fragile creatures (i.e. birds and butterflies), become nostalgic with an ethereal watery coastline scene, or perhaps at peace with a breathy cloudscape. I love literally uplifting themes of flight, broad skies, and cloudscapes. I want to illustrate, and highlight, the interconnected nature of all living beings and the natural world that we share.”

Holding degrees in fine art and interior design, Roy is a former fine interiors company and art gallery owner. The son of creative parents, he is a native of Mississippi and has owned homes in Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas, and Costa Rica. Since 2009, he has lived in the Florida Panhandle near Inlet Beach with his partner of 27 years and their four dogs.

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