About the Artist

Artist's Statement ~                                                                                         

Through my work, I commonly share my experience of the natural habitat found near my home. Sensitive to the struggle of wildlife, and the relative impact of man, I am drawn to wildlife and natural environments as subject matter. My work will often include symbolism, whether in subtle or overt manner, and focuses upon universal themes of life and of the spirit. A view of water is a common theme in my work, inspired by walks near our beautiful Florida Panhandle beaches and coastal dune lakes. Along with abstract ideas from daily life, the beautiful organic forms found in nature, and passages read from books and journals, these watery places of contemplative reflection and peaceful solitude compel me to create art.

Stylistically, my paintings include or blend Contemporary Impressionist and Color Field styles. I work to emphasize and unify organic line and form to depict naturally rhythmic subject matter within the "window" of the canvas. I paint with a predominantly analogous paint palette for harmony, often including metallic media, while working to create a balanced composition with an interplay of texture and light.

Artist’s Background ~

I hold separate degrees in fine art and design and my every day, for as long as I may remember, has been devoted to creative endeavors of some form. I am a former art gallery owner and the son of a painter and of a musician. A native of Mississippi, I am an artist who resides at idyllic Lake Powell, near scenic Hwy. 30-A in the Florida Panhandle, with my spouse of 25 years and our dogs Rocco and Finn. Having developed a deep love of the area throughout our lifetime, we decided to make Florida our permanent home long ago and are truly tied to the land. I live a life of gratitude for many blessings, experiences, and loved ones.

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