Realization III

Roy Calvin Eure Art

Regular price $800.00
Realization III
Title: Realization III
Price: $ 800.00
Caption: Acrylic painting upon paper with silver leaf, mounted and framed behind glass Dragonflies are thought to symbolize self-realization, transformation, and change. They're also wonderful to watch while quietly sitting and watching the water. All three paintings in series of three (triptych), with finished size of approx. 90" wide x 40" high ~ Realization I, Realization II, Realization III ~ may be sold as a triptych with a discount of 20%. Set of 3 ~ $1,920 . Contact artist for purchase arrangement.
Medium: Mixed Media
Size: 39.25 x 29.25 x 1 IN
Category: Painting
Artist: Roy Calvin Eure