Atmospheric Coastline V

Roy Calvin Eure Art

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Atmospheric Coastline V
Atmospheric Coastline V
Title: Atmospheric Coastline V
Medium: Mixed Media on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Size: 30" w x 40" h x 1.5" d

The landscape work of Roy Calvin Eure, and specifically within the “Atmospheric Coastlines”
collection of paintings, reflect upon study of “Geometric Thinking” - geometric shapes
and how they form spatial relationships. Abstract and dreamlike air-and-water compositions, which bring to mind a misty reflective coastline, incorporate an analogous and harmonic color palette of blues and neutral tones. Bold rectilinear brushstrokes suggest cloud-like forms within the top of the
format and mysterious forms along a bold reflective horizontal linear element
(horizon line) are reflected within the lower section of the canvas.

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